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my A/C doesnt work anymore it only blows out the air from outside, i know its not the switch cause the heater still works and i know its not freon cause i put more in there, could it possibly be the copressor or a part on the compressor if so how hard are they to install and bout how much. its gettin so freakin hot i need to fix it. thanks
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when your truck is running, can you hear the compressor kicking on?
it sounds like it kicks on but then it shuts right off, i dont even know where its located so i cant look at it it a 6.0 or a diesel?
does it have a cold air intake system in it, or the stock air intake?

if it has the C.A.I.S....then you look straight down on the motor, and you'll see your compressor on the passenger side of the motor, which is YOUR left when facing the the truck looking to the rearend of the truck.

you say it sounds like it comes on, then goes can be the switch...but i've never had a problem with mine not working...just had a problem with mine either being too cold or too warm.
in the summer, i can run my a/c with the windows down and still be cooled off..and the winter i can run with the heater on and the windows half down.

in my truck i do not have to run it with the a/c button on all the time, i hit it, let it run for about 20 seconds, then turn it off, and my truck will stay cold no matter what unless i kill it.... never rode in another truck that does it...
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no i dont have a cold air intake and you think its the switch inside the truck? cause the heater still works and all that, when i was puutin freon in it the guage on that was showin that it was full but when the compressor would try to kick on the guage would drop, then it would go back to normal when the compressor stopped
on mine the A/C is on the bottom passenger side
could be the compressor out, or the switch on the inside..go to the junk yard and pick you up one for cheap..then take it to the shop if you can't figure it out after that.
yeah i was gonna do that but i couldnt find any at the junkyard, you think its the little A/C button? maybe ill get my friends and plug it up just to see thanks guys
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