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A couple of my old girls

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I found these photos online and thought I'd share the past few years of trucks. Kinda makes me sad looking back at them and thinking of the memories I had in all of them, yet got rid of them for such stupid reasons.

Here's my 2000 Chevy RCSB w/20s and a Bell-Tech shackle + the 03 tails:

Here's my 03 Chevy ECSB w/20s + Bell Tech. I still dont know why I got rid of this truck:

Here's my current:

06 Crew - 7" Fabtech, 3" body, 35x20 Nittos, gears -

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Damn, I like them all... Current truck is a bad bitch though!
Dang, all three are pretty BA. I like your taste in wheels also... There aren't a whole lot of 20" wheel designs that I like, but all three on your trucks look good.
yea they suit each truck perfectly each time. I love the 03 chevy and your new truck is killer.
Is your CC a 2wd?

(needs Esky handles to be perfect!!!)
Thanks again! I miss the old ones!

The CC is a 2wd. I dont want chrome handles, just body matched would be nice
No stockies, I had the 17s from the factory. I sold them for about $500. :)
Damn I like them all as well :D
Man I need to do shackles
nice both sides of the world
damn y would you get rid of either the reg cab is one of the better looking trucks ive seen
all 3 look awesome...ur current ride is fuckin tits though...good taste man...
The blue one had some MB Motoring Smooth wheels on it. The Black one has Boss 3 somethings if anyone cares.
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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