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A day of detailing=

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Well i cleaned the truck up nicely getting it ready for its first show in Gator Drag this weekend, it came out pretty good.

Came in handy:

My camera is kinda shitty and my flash kept going off so the pics arent that great but chevycrew got some good ones...
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nice truck is looking good and clean

my dad has an old buffer but i cant find pads to fit it
Looks good! :D
trucks looking good mark!:thumbsup: i just got my PC yesterday. i plan on detailing mine tomorrow!
Sweet truck man!
i just got my PC yesterday.
Where did you buy it from? I need to get a PC.
looking good man, by the time i got finished polishing my rims it was to dark for pics lol, i really hope it doesn't rain Sat
it looks good!
Sweet truck man!

Where did you buy it from? I need to get a PC. I got it for $113.95 shipped!
Truck looks real good!

I need to get mine clean, we head out for Gator Drag tomorrow evening....
here are some pics that chevycrew got - they do the truck more justice

and the Nick happend to roll up after a day ofishing

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love this photo:read: truck is going to look soooo good layed out:imo
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Oh fuck yea. I spent 4 hours detailing today, but I was way too damn tired to even think about pics lol.
I was still buffing when yall were taking pics lol. How come Jonathan's truck wasn't in any pictu...nevermind....

lmao see yall tomorrow.
How come Jonathan's truck wasn't in any pictu...nevermind....
:LOL: :rofl2:
I need to bust out my PC and take care of mine too. Not looking forward to that one :anitoof: Good thing I have to wait awhile before waxing it... Truck looks badass :imo
suck my balls Scott :nutkick:

here's a few more that I like

this one didn't come out good but if it would have...

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awesome rig man, I love the foose wheels :bowtie:
oyeah nice pics jon
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