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a few highway pics

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got a few pics on the highway today with my roommate, thats his firehawk. not too bad, a little high though.

im painting the handles this week and LOTS of motor mods...hehehe

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Im just not used to seeing you truck sittin gup that high. Let the motor mods begin :rocking: :van:

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i love Firehawks... i was gonna get a silver M6 hawk, but my mom didn't like the rear window, so some other guy got it :bawl: well maybe its a good thing i have my truck... i dunno

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Oh Great! What do you have planed now? I guess I might as well hang it up, as far as being faster than you. Does that say 325 CID on your hood?

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truck looks awesome, just kinda high:mexsmoke:

If your roomate isnt getting Free tires from Tirerack, then thats sooo **** He put that on his windshield, and judging by the rest of hte accents on his car, im assuming hes not :lol:

wanna tell us waht you have planned for the motor?

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yeah, i made him take all the stickers off his car if i was going to be my roommate. so he took them off, because im too damn cool! LOL

i bought a custom cam,
ls1 heads,
TO4B turbos(yes 2 of them) 54mm, .60a/f
4.10 gears,
and a few misc things.
i need a few more things before i can put my truck away for the winter, and roll out with a badass truck. But atleast im gathering parts.

for going to keep driving it and hope my tranny holds up, because its slipping very bad right now(damn N2O!!!)

ill keep everyone posted, and take some pics for proof, when my turbo's get here in the next week or two
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