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I already have a thread for my '87, so no need to post that one up.

Here's my newest one before I picked it up. I've already done a few appearance changes, but I can't clean it up and take good pictures until it quicks F-ing snowing...


Next up, my dad's 97 CC dually. This truck has 45K actual miles on it. The topper is now gone and the bed is Line-Xed


3rd in line is my brother's newest one. He picked this '06 up a couple months back with 14 miles on the ticker. I wish I couldn've afforded one when I was looking to buy, had to settle for the 1500... It was stock, now has a front leveling kit, 285's, billet grille, de-trimmed, and front window tint.


Finally is my brother's wife's kid hauler. 97 sub, static dropped, used to commute the family around town. Kick ass kid hauler IMO.


That's all... I had just been digging around my photobucket acct. and figured everyone likes to see pictures of trucks.
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