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A few mods on the Red truck...nothing special

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I've had most of this done for a while, but I didn't want to take pictures while it was dirty. Today I finally got a chance to shine her up, so I snapped a few pics of what I've done so far. I'll take a few more this weekend if I get a chance.

I had some tint put on about three weeks ago. Then I went straight for the door handles (including the tailgate), the mirror caps, and the tail lights. (What can I say? I like to color match :anitoof: ) The door handles were easy (once I got the right p/n's...long story...don't ask :pissed: ) but the tailgate handle took some time. I rode around town a couple of weeks without a tailgate handle (it looked real ghetto). I had someone else paint it. It looks really nice and smooth, but we'll see how long it lasts. Other than that, nothing much else done to the truck.
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Badassilverado said:
Awesome, looks damn clean. I like it alot better than your last truck :imo

Never did like sportsides. You going to lower this one? :rocking:
I agree, I liked your old truck too but this one is a lot better. I've never been a fan of stepsides either. :imo

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your truck looks really good :head:

i suggest you debadge it, would look so much cleaner

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Thanks for all the positive comments guys :handshake

I've been racking my brain on what to do with my tailgate cap...I really like Adam's truck (how it is all painted to match), but that SS cap has been calling my name. But I also have the option of a bed cover (which would need the flater stock cap). I'm leaning more towards the all painted look with the stock cap and a cover...but it's all up in the air right now...

As far as lowering goes...I would love to lower this bish! We'll see how that goes. 2 inch shackles would lower the backend too much (I think, since the rear is only about an inch higher than the front), but either way I would love to go lower one day. We'll have to see...I can't make any promises as of right now :anitoof:

Again, thanks for all the comments...I'll see if I can't get some better backdrops (for our screen saver...if it ever gets finished :crazy: and maybe a sig).


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Nice Bro.... Go with the Red SS cap. You should be able to find a Red one somewhere already painted for a good price. -peace, chris
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