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i wanna remove my a-pillar to install my boost gauge... how does it come out?... i dont wanna break it with my massive muscles.... is it clipped in?
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there are two clips at the bottom up near the windshield. pull the dash bezel if it isn't already off and pull the headlight and interior switch, it just snaps in. then pull the rubber hose off the side window defroster vent. then you should be able to see them reach in and push up on them...i hope you have small hands

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Just fug-it-up :ninja:................. wait........ what time is iT?? :think:

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Didn't you previously state somthing about muscles? :think:

Should just pull toward the other side of the vehicle and I think it has two clips holding it in...might be three...

this mother fucker is seriously pissing me off... maybe i shouldnt be drunk when i try it.... :crazy:
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