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AC/Heater fan not working. Please help

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So last week i started my truck and no air was coming out of my vents. I could feel heat but it wasn't blowing. I brought it to the shop and they were able to fix it. They said it was only a fuse and they replaced it. But the next day it stopped working again. Again i can still feel heat but it's not blowing. And i can't get in contact with the guy that fixed it because he's not in the shop on Sunday. I'm wondering what the problem might be. I tried putting in a new fuse but it didn't work.
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i'd rather replace it myself then let the dealership jack with my stuff. I took my truck in under warranty for a bad headlight switch...told the tech it was bad (dash lights wouldn't illuminate) he told me to let him handle the troubleshooting. 2 hours later as i'm sitting there, another tech comes out saying they couldn't figure it out. i told him what i told the other tech. 10 minutes later he drives my truck around all good to go. stupid entry level gm tech was a cocky little shit. so no thanks, i'll do my own maintenance.

good luck with the's easy
Amen to that! Not that I'm an asshole but I don't like other people working on my shit! Unless it's a friend. Lot of workers out there that are just careless with other peoples' shit!
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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