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Recently I was on a road trip and both the heat and cooling in the front of the vehicle stopped working - the fan can blow air but the air was unconditioned (neither hot or cold). Also I was unable to direct air thru the vents to the windshield, only the main vents in the dash facing the driver and font passenger. The heat and cold in the rear works fine with full control

Previously I had the front driver side delivering hot air when cool was selected (seems like a regular event with this truck). I replaced the central controller and this seemed to address the issue (however reading this forum suggests that I should have replaced the driver side blend door actuator). However if I now replace the driver side blend door actuator I do not think this will address the current issue....?

I have been thru the routine to 'reset' the blend door actuator but no change.

I recently replaced the main fan (passenger side under the dash) - seems like no problem, no difficulties, fan is working well therefore do not suspect any connection between fan replacement and current problem.

I suspect that I may have to replace the the actuator on drivers side under the dash that operates the vent/floor/defrost function.

Any relevant advice from someone with suitable experience gratefully received....

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