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Hey guys.
So got myself a 2006 Duramax Express ...yup a Van. Turning it into a MotoVan and really excited about this project.

Anyways I have some audio stuff in my garage I want to install in the van just as a temporary fix until I decide to do a serious upgrade.

My question.
I have a set of Pioneer TS-A1605C from my old Sierrra that were not used for very long.

I also have a Hertz HDP 5 amp

So should I use Active crossover from the Amp? Or should I use the passover from the TS-A1605C kit?

Speaker specs say 350W max and 60 RMS
HDP 5 Amp is 70w x4 (if I went Active) or 200w x 2 (if I went passive.

Thanks guys
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