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Most too all of you know I am VERY biased when it comes to Adam's. Ive been using their stuff well over 5 years now. No thanks to Mook and Dylan btw...

I had gotten a small sample of Active wheel cleaner a couple months back. I will say I was impressed by it. The smell is about half compared to Adams. Reaction time on par to Carpro's IronX. I told Dylan I wanted to do a side by side. I was very disappointed with the end results. :mad:

The subject is my dads 2004 Silverado. The wheels have not been touched or cleaned in years. I was thinking this might of been a unfair considering this stuff felt baked on there. I thought I would of needed Carpro's Ironx paste, or Trix.

Adam's attacked it really well. Responded rather quickly. Lots of brake blood.

SCGP attacked it REALLY well and stupid fast. It was working so fast, the face of the rim was clean before I had a chance to get the pic. Very little effort was needed with the boars hair brush.

First hose down

Hmmmm clearly the winnar was AWC

So on to the 2nd check...

No brake blood with AWC but with DWC there was a bit of brake blood.

End result.

Winner: Surf City Garage Pro's Active Wheel Cleaner

Both are great products. Both do what they are suppose to do. But Adam's needs to pick up a bit more cleaning power in my book. Shouldnt require 2 rounds of cleaning IMO. One thing that I do LOVE about DWC is that it always gives a "gloss" like finish and end result. AWC to me has a natural like look to it. Both left the wheels feeling like they where brand new. My only complaint with AWC is the green dye. It dyed my boars hair brush green :mad:

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Damn nice!
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