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2019 GMC Sierra Limited (so the older body style 2016-2019) with 22x9 (is that right? they're 22s for sure) stock 7-spoke LPO wheels. That may not be what they're actually called. That's just what the dealer site said they were when I bought the truck.

4" BDS lift customized with rear lift springs instead of blocks (because I tow a boat and lawn trailer a lot), the Fox shocks because why tf not, and no recoil system because it's only a 4" lift.

I asked BDS themselves, and they gave me the generic "specified tire size" from their site. With this lift, BDS says I can run a 33x12.50 with 17 or 18x9 and 5" backspacing...or a 35x12.50 with a 20x9 and 5.75" backspacing. Trimming may be required of course.

Does anyone know the actual largest tire size I can run? Was gonna go with a Mud Grappler, but their smallest is a 37" tire with 22s. Don't need your thoughts on the tire choice. It's what I want.

I've had Toyo Open Country M/Ts on a previous truck. They make a 33 and 35x12.50 for 22s. Or even a LT295/55R22. Which of those would fit best?

What could I run if I traded out these 22s for some aftermarket something in a 20x9? Grapps make a 33 or a 35 that should fit then.

Pic for attention, not the actual truck. Thanks in advance, everyone.


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