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Hey everyone,

Some of you might be familiar with our Mystery Box promotions, but some may not, so I'll give a real quick run-down here. Every 3-4 weeks or so, we will run a Mystery Box sale on our website, usually for 24 hours only. We announce these to facebook, Instagram, our forum, and I try to post them up onto all of the other forums that we sponsor, like GMFS :)

The way our Mystery Box works is this: Each 'box' is priced at $29.99, and you are guaranteed a minimum of $44.99 or more worth of a random assortment of our products - you may receive washing supplies, wax, sealants, Detail Spray, interior products, and so on! A very small amount of random mystery boxes will receive over $200 in products for $29.99!

- Orders with multiple Mystery Boxes will be combined into one box for shipping. We have the limit set at 4 per customer this time!
- Discount codes cannot be applied to Mystery Boxes, since they're already significantly discounted.
- No complaints, exchanges, or returns on Mystery Box items - if you receive something you may not need or want, that's part of the gamble.

Click Here to Shop Now or click the image below to go to the product page. Once they're disabled for this round, the links will no longer work.


Good luck, and let me know if you have any questions!

[email protected]
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