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We have some new washing products to get your rides in great shape to start the Spring season!


  • Check out our new 3.5 Gallon Buckets with a few different options - with or without a Grit Guard, snap-on padded lid or a gamma seal lid - these are a great size for cars with short trunk height!
  • We also have a new entry-level, Standard Foam Gun that still suds up great at a more affordable price!
  • Gallons of Red Throwback Car Shampoo are now available too for everyone that asked when these would show up! I was told we have 500 one-gallon jugs for now.
  • Plus we have a cool new Mini Turbo Stick that works great for intricate wheel designs or for cleaning out double-wall exhaust tips!
  • And let's not forget the new red powder coated Polisher Holder to keep your Swirl Killer or Swirl Killer Mini organized and lookin' gooood on your garage wall! We only have 100 to sell in this first shipment, but we'll have more on the way in case these sell out fast.
  • Oh, and stickers, buttons, and magnets too!
This sale is officially launching Tuesday, but all items are up on the site now and we're giving the early release information to our forum members and social media fans. Use the code SPRING17 for 15% off store wide* and free shipping on orders over $100 to the continental U.S. Sale ends Thursday March 30 at Midnight MST.

Check out some of the items below and CLICK HERE TO SHOP NOW:






Thanks for looking, and let us know if you have any questions!

[email protected]
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