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Hey there shine freaks! It's time for a little contest.

We want to see YOUR detailing write-ups. We post them, but now it's your turn!

Here's the scoop:

We want to see the work you've been doing using our products. Get the camera out, take some shots before/during/after, and post them in a detailed write up. Link the products used so everyone can see what it takes to get the same results you've achieved. Below is a great example of how we like them to be formatted:

Corrected Black Silverado

Once the job is done, post your write up in the section here:

Detailing Write - Ups

This will be a ongoing weekly contest that will run from Tuesday-Tuesday. The winner will be selected by our team each week and will receive a $150 Adam's Polishes Gift Card!!

Dust off your cameras, roll up your sleeves, and GO!!!
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