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Added 15 feet to the Suburban

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Haha, had to pick up a trailer for my friend since he's moving. So I snapped some pics. I had to go to Oildale to pick it up, and I saw a kid with the biggest mullet ever, but unfortunately I didnt have my camera ready in time :pow:
Here's three pics :D

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chevync said:
Ill be adding a few feet to mine also, I have to goto Washington DC in 2 weeks to pick up a 2002 Honda Civic, this will be the first thing Ive acually towed with my truck..
Yeah I've never towed anything with my truck, in fact I sold the hitch I bought for it :crazy: Towing is a wierd feeling, at least with that empty trailer it was... every bump was like 6... haha :anitoof:
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