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Added Something to my tailgate handle today

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It's small, but I thought it made a big difference in looks, I'm very happy with it.


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:head: Very sweet looking...I've wanted one of those for my handle for a quite a while now (since my handle can still be seen from the outside). Is that a real chrome plated handle or just an overlay? Either way...very sharp :waytogo:

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Looking good Justin :rocking: Is that a CC relocator? If so, How did you secure the handle surround to the relocator?

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I got it at Hunters in Nashville yesterday at their show for $15, came with the bezel cover too, but I'm not going to use it.

The relocator is a belltech and the bezel isn't secured to it, the tabs that do that are broke, I'm just going to put it on with double sided tape.

I don't see why ya couldn't I mean all you'd have to do is take the 88-98 model relocator and cut it out bigger so that the hande bezel would fit in it. I'm not for sure about the handle itself though, I installed mine 2 years ago and hardly remember anything about it.
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