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Adding an in dash dvd and have questions

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I am going to be purchasing this pioneer double din radio for my 2011 GMC Sierra SLE without bose. Truck has all stock audio equipment.

Ive installed several radios before but it seems like these trucks need a few additional accessories to retain the door chimes, steering wheel controls and other features. Is there one unit I can buy from PAC or Metra or Axxess that will retain all of this? Or do I have to piece all of these thing together. Also my truck is equipped with Sirius at this time and I want to keep that in this new head unit. Do I need another wire kit or something to retain that as well?

Just want to buy everything ahead of time and complete the install all at once instead of needing additional parts once I tear the truck apart. I also don't want to buy stuff I don't need. Thans ahead of time for the help.
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Here is a complete wiring & interface kit that does the job:

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