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Aftermarket headlights

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I am looking for either a set, or just the right side headlight for an obs silverado (97). To be a single it needs to be a clear to match the one I have. If anyone has one please let me know, and I will pay you fairly for it. Thanks.
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thanks dude i love that truck yeah i could mow down some deer (or people) if it came to it

heres the headlights that are up for grabs

the passenger side one is factory and needs a polishing

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I already have the factory set on. When the body shop put back together my truck they couldnt get a hold of a aftermarket one in time to get the truck done. They made me a deal that if I would bring in my stock they would put em in and knock 100 off my deductible. So essentially I sold them 1 factory headlight for 100 bucks since I got everything back.
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