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aicdeftone ride

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I finally got off my lazy arse and took the pics. I've only tinted the windows and put a 4X6 drop (DJM, Calmax) on it last summer. Damn!, that was a lot of work! There is much more to be in progress.

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very nice. want some rims???
i guess no linking is allowed from yahoo
Jason, upload them to or pm me and I'll post them for you :anitoof:
The File You Are Looking For Is Inaccessible.
Damn...Yahoo is just as bitchy as ImageStation :bawl:
well...the best i could do was hyperlinks. i wish i could just have them in the post but "you can wish in one hand and crap in the other..." lmao!!! name that movie
looking good... like da color :evil:
Jason, I edited it so the pics show up :D
Truck looks good:head::rocking:
That looks good. But your left rear tire needs some air
i think we should make a team blue :bowtie:
Looks good! :bowtie:
Looks great! Now all it needs is some 20's... :evil:
2k1slvrdo said:
i think we should make a team blue :bowtie:
Does bluenpewter count if so lets do it. TEAM BLUE!
:word: on the trim i took mine off and it looked alot better for spending no money :ninja:

nice truck
Thanks to everyone for the compiments. David, thanks for getting those pics up...much better than the hyperlinks I had. Sounds like everyone is reading my mind! LOL. The next mod I had planned was to strip the trim and lettering...then I'll wax her. Those will be the next pics up. I'll be doing that next month though due to a move at the end of this month. I'm dying for 20's!!! More than likely though, that'll be my last mod because of funds. My list of mods for this truck just keeps growing. Here's what I want to do to it as of now...
Strip the trim and lettering
Dual holly exhaust
Dual exhaust holly style roll pan
Shave off the plastic protector at the top of the tailgate
Carpet bedliner
Flush style tonneau cover
Blue headlights
Billet grill
Chrome/blue light pedals <---just saw these today...nice!
Possibly a new audio system (not really a priority, will probably only happen if I run into $$$) lol.
And of course...20's!!!!

Oh...I also want to get rid of the handle/latch on the tailgate. How does one go about doing that? I know it can't be too difficult because I see them off sweet rides all the time. Any info is appreciated. Thanks, Jason
BTW...I'm all for Team Blue. :rocking:
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oh yeah...i filled the tires up this
team whiteandsmoke!!!
Jason, you need a tailgate handle relocator. It's a filler plate for the stock hole and you move the current handle inside the gate. Do that when you get the protector shaved. Since you have a lowered truck you should do a rollpan too. The badges aren't bad, but the adhesive is a bitch, but once it gets warmer I'm sure it'll be a lot easier :bowtie:
I agree the badges need to go, put some clears and a pan on it also, nice truck keep up the good work
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