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I have (2) 5 Gallon 8 port tanks that I bought for my 02 silverado project over a year ago that I ended up not using.

I also have (4) of the new 300psi Chrome 3/8" Air Lift valves (very nice) that I bought for the Caddy project, but I think I may go with 1/2".... :evillol: to get that 6000lb beast in the air!!!

I'll move em to my new shop if nobody wants em, but rather than move em, I'd like to just sell em.

$45 plus shipping (fed-ex style) or UPS if you prefer For Each Valve and Each Tank.
If you want more than one, of the valves, I think shipping will be less.

They are both new and never installed... they may be missing some of the orange caps though, but have never been wet or anything like that.

email me at [email protected] if you're interested.

I take paypal too...
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