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airbag questions and concerns.

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hello..after some thought i figured id turn to you guys for some advice. i have a 97 2wd tahoe with a 2/4 drop on it which no longer satisfys my need to be as low as i can go. ive always wanted bags but the concern has been $ i finally got a new job and $ is no longer the issue, its finding the correct parts and a reputable shop in my area to do the work. i have 20's right now and would like to lay frame, i do plan on getting 22's on a 265-35 thread later on. fastbags are also a desire of mine and the ability to "play" around with the switchs a lot, so a big tank and compressor are a must..basically what im trying to get at is for under 5k what do you guys suggest i get and if anyone in the bay area has a shop that they could point me to that would be great, sorry if im rambling but the alcohol hasn't worn off from the BBq's yet..thanks in advance everyone. :rocking:
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i had my air ride done at psi customs in livermore, they did a great job. the guy that owns the place has done a few tahoes before too. their website is check them out.
awesome thanks. :head: got any pictures of your truck ituck22s ?
Yes, go to PSI customs in livermore... they do nice work and Jeff will get you everything that you are looking for.
chris..i really like the look of your truck. great work.
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