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Airshock attatch bolts on a 08 CC sierra

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I picked up a set of MA743 airshocks for my 08 CC sierra and I saw a couple of posts where someone said that they used 7/8 X 3.5" bolts to attatch it to thier truck because the factory bolt is to big. If that's the case wouldn't the new bolt be to small for the factory pass thru that the shock fits in?

What are ya'll using to install your airshocks on your nnbs trucks? :think:
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....well do your factory bolts fit through the bushings on the shocks you got?
if i remeber right you have to use your stock bushings on the new shock and stock bolts should work fine.
yeah we had to do this when we modified some air shocks for my buddies was super easy to do, and i didnt even think about it till just now
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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