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alittle update on the bed thur

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alittle update on my bed thur

page 6 is what i did today

dual 18's, gonna power them off of a ma audio hk802sx amp,
amp should be in next week

i have 2 red top optima bats for now, 2/0 ga wire, 420amps of alt power, (dual alts)

4 layers of sound mat on the roof, and i added in 3/4 thick wood and bed lined it,bed lined the floor with 2 layers,
3 layers on the x-cab doors with 1 layer of bed liner, 2 layers on the front doors, 4 layers on the back wall but most of that will get cut out when i cut the back wall out for the bed thur

im waiting to get the box done before cutting the back wall out on the truck

the box is 12cubes after port/subs and im doing a removeable port so i can change the tuning,
the system will be done because their is a local show june 30, i have less then 3 weeks

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nice man.. my boy is stationed up in anchorage.
nice man.. my boy is stationed up in anchorage.
oh yeha

where's he work?
air force. hes in medical equipment repair. i dunno the air base name
oh yeah

one of the little steps on the box on the drivers side is for a huge 18 wheeler air dyer thats about 8in dia and 18in long, has 1.25 air fittings on it
Thats so sick, man I cant wait to see the number you are gonna pull with that...
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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