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It seems like alot of people missed the header sale that we ran in February so we're going to do it again! We're factory direct with many header manufacturers. This allows us to obtain very good pricing from them and pass the savings along to you! We currently have all header brands that we carry on sale. It doesn't matter what kind of car they are going on! If a manufacturer that we deal with makes them, we can offer the package to you at a very good price!

There is alot available and some prices are lower than we should advertise so it will be best to give us a call or e-mail [email protected] to receive a quote. Please let us know what kind of vehicle you have along with the brand/part # that your looking for. This will allow us to provide a quick reply. Details for the packages that we usually carry can be seen in the Exhausts sections of our website.

Have a good day!
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