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This may come as a surprise to everyone particularly those who have been around since the conception of GMFS. Simply put, after over two months of debate, discussion, and a little bickering, we have ultimately made the decision, mutually agreed upon by the [now previous] owners of GMFullsize which include myself, Brandon (E.M.D.), Steve, and Josh, to sell the site. When we created the site several years ago in 2004 we never thought we would ever make the decision to sell. However, times do change and anyone with any forum experience knows that a forum requires daily and constant maintanance with problems arising constantly. With the somewhat extreme time restraints placed upon all four of us we felt it was in the best interest of the site as a whole to sell to someone with years of experience and the time, knowledge, interest in GM trucks, energy, and integrity to really take GMFS up a notch or three.

The new owner is already a member, Bryan, username "Shaggy." He already runs several other unrelated websites/forums some of which are massive in membership, very professionally done and well kept, as well as a great place for the topics that they represent. I think I speak for all of the other previous owners of GMFS that we are more than confident and comfortable that GMFS can now receive the attention that it deserves. We believe it can be "taken to the next level" while maintaining it's current integrity as well as some extra spice.

We, the previous four owners, will remain as administrators for a period up to a year, so we will still be around. Bryan however will be, officially as of December 25, the sole owner of He hasn't mentioned any major changes that I'm aware of other than improving the current site and really spending some quality time updating the forum and/or website. The current preferred vendors will also remain as scheduled.

Frankly, this was a very difficult decision for all of us to make and we would've never even considered it had we not trusted that Bryan (Shaggy) is really going to do a great job and offer GMFS things that otherwise never would've happened. I expect you all to treat Bryan with respect and at least give him a chance and you'll see what's in store for the new

Feel free to reply with any questions. Bryan will be more than happy to answer any questions as well as myself and the other previous owners.

Lastly, don't be worried guys, GMFS is here to stay. :read:
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