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All on for headlights

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I had the all on mod for my 08 but with switching my fogs to led I took it off. I am looking for a way to wire it up to were my fogs come on with just my high beams. Right now with the way it was done they come on all the time if like o get the like the nbs models. I've searched and can't find the answer may end up re-wire it up to change it. Any help or ways this has already been done will be a big help thanks.
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08 Sierra I that's how my 07 nbs does when I turn my highs on the fogs come on with them. Then when I cut my high beams off they go back off ,but my nnbs they just stay on all the time. With having rigid D2s for fog lights I don't them on all the time only with my highs.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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