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I've got a 105amp alternator I took off my truck when I went to my 270. I was told it tested good but I have no way of proving any of that. Was on the truck about 15k. 30+shipping its heavy so shipping aint gonna be super cheap
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whered u get that 270 at and how much? ive already got 6 ga. cable and i just got a 110, biggest autozoner had in stock. im in desperate need of a big boy tho. my systems goin back in lol
BTW-if u can find me a way to hook up dual alts, id dang near take it depending on how big of a pain it will be
my big one is from excessive amperage .com and your gonna need 0 gauge for it :) I believe he makes a braket system for dual alternators so you could ask him.
ill check around. thanks man!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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