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Amp and sub opinions here!

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So what do you guys think about this amp:

hooked up with 2 of these subs in sealed boxes, at 8ohms for breaking in and 2 ohms after awhile::evil:,,2076_310069929_297969819,00.html

They will being going in a regular cab truck, and that amp will give me the power to run some big subs if I end up getting an extended cab in the future.
I am an electrical major in college so I know all about impedance, current, voltage, etc. so I won't be stupid and I know how to set gains. I have meters and have access to an ossiliscope (sp?).

Also, it seems like most of the amps me and my buddies have need to have their gains set damn high to reach their advertised power levels, so I'm buying bigger than needed. Wired in parrallel they should be around 450w rms to each speaker according to advertisements, so I'm thinking it should be capable of 350w to each speaker easy. I WILL NOT be using bass boost at all, have the subsonic filter at 15 hz (sealed boxes) just because, and will pull out the ossiliscope to tune the gains and filters.

Almost forgot, deck will be pioneer premiere 960 (I've fixed it 4 times now, I guess I'll just keep it forever!) w/6.5v preouts IIRC, speakers for now are some polk 4x6's, will be upgraded to components this summer. 4x6's being amped by a kenwoode 4x40w rms that is also going to be replaced this summer.

Thanks for any and all opinions.
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Id watch those amps, we've had alot of issues with them shutting down or going into protection for no reason at all and if your lucky they come back on!

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Ok, I don't start work till the 22nd so I'll have to get pics up when stuff arrives. I'm just doing research right now.

Forklift, what would you recommend as an amp that would put out basically the same amount of power?
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