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You might have difficulty with that because you have one of the two years that is harder to program of the GM PCM's. 96 and 97 don't have as many options to program as the later model black box PCM's and I believe 95 and earlier can be programmed using a different platform. The newer 0411 PCM's will do it easily though.

It would probably be easier and cheaper in the long run to bite the bullet and buy a standalone controller. I'm not even sure if you can provide the crank trigger to let the PCM know what the RPM's are using the non Vortec block. The Vortec block has a 4 tooth reluctor wheel behind the timing chain. The 89 motor uses the signal from the distributor to provide RPM.

You could also look on and find a PCM from a 91 or newer PCM (stay away from 1995, but that might only be for the 4l60e), That way you can use your existing engine and run the 4l80e.

If you change transfer cases because a lot of the 97's will have the electronic cases then you may have to do some driveshaft modifications and definitely the input shaft.

That's all I can think of for now.
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