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Another 6.0 swap question

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I have a lowered 2wd '00 ecab. I tow a 7000 gvw travel trailer with it in the summer. I am swapping in a 6.0 with a Z06 cam and a TT3000. I have a tune, CAI, Thorley LTs, e-fans and under-drive pulleys already on my 5.3. Is this going to be an alright combination? I only have about a grand into the swap. I know the Z06 cam isn't the first choice but its already there. I was considering another cam but that will almost double my investment. Would it be worth the money? Lets hear some opinions, please.
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The cam is an '02 and already in there. I am trying to keep spending under control but if it will be worse than my 5.3 I guess I have to step up to the plate.
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