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Which Wheels

  • Ion 148's

    Votes: 8 47.1%
  • Classic II style

    Votes: 2 11.8%
  • Dick Cepek DC-1

    Votes: 4 23.5%
  • Other

    Votes: 3 17.6%

Another choose my wheels thread.

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So, I've been looking at some wheels, and have a few ideas. I'm planning on doing ford keys, 1.5in rear spacers, on a 2000 NBS Tahoe. All my choices here are 17x9, polished with 4.5in BS. If anyone knows of any good deals on sets of wheels, please let me know.

First off, Ion 148's. Found a set on ebay for about $124/wheel plus shipping.

Mickey Thompson Classic II style wheels, doesn't have to be Mickey's but just that style. Seen normally around $153.99/wheel plus shipping on

Dick Cepek DC-1, normally $157.99/wheel plus shipping on
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either the ions or dc

never really liked the classic II's
I think they are some better choices of wheels out there, none come to mind at the moment tho
I've been kind of looking around still and I'm starting to like the Gunner 6's in 18x8.5

Also these MB Express in an 18x9

But I'm unsure about the backspacing on these wheels. The Gunner 6's are 18X8.5 6-139.7HC25AM and the Expresses are 18X9 6-139.7 HC 18C. If anyone know's how to figure the backspacing I'd really appreciate it.
hmmm well I'm still looking around, for those who care to know. I just came across some Helo Guns 17x9 6on5.5 Chrome, Backspacing unsure as of now. So let me hear some opinions on these wheels.,1
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i love those gunners, getta get me some of those in 20x10's soon, here a good deal on a used set of chrome 18 gunners off ebayhttp://
used and missing a cap, but look almost mint
ions :imo
I've been looking at those Gunner's on ebay. Those spots that they show in the pics is the only thing that would worry me. I can't tell if it's chrome peeling off and that it will eventually start going around the whole wheel.
I like the Dick Cepek's.
got with the ions, mt's are played out by everybody
Well I went ahead and ordered up some Ion's. Next off to find tires, that will be later.
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