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Just wanted 2 intorduce myself...

Im from Houston and just bought a 04 Sierra CC 4x2. Im not gonna lie, I almost bought a 04 F150, but I couldnt pass the GMC up because of the price! I want to put a small lift on it, just dunno how "small" yet....Any recommendations on off road shops in the Houston area?

Trying to learn about this truck before I do anything to it...

Thanx & hope to meet some of the locals

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:welcome:as far as offroad shops, Darketernal :read: he is a member who lives in houston for the summer and does lift installs for cheap, but he is currnetly in alaska on vaction for the next two weeks. It would be way cheaper if you bought the lift and let him install it, but BNC off road is a pretty good shop in the houston area.
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