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ANOTHER idle vid...5.3 w/G5x3

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Well we sold the turbo kit to help fund the s10 project and now we're gettin my truck goin again. Here's the rundown

Stage 2 TDP 706s
1.75 Roller Rockers
Patriot Extremes
Trickflow Pushrods
G5x3 cam
Pacesetter Longtubes
Dual 3" w/flowmasters

yes i've got the converter and yes i have the gears for this cam

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i think it sounds good. the audio quality is junk.
yeah this piece of shit cell phone sucks...palm treo 850 pro FTMFL
my brother has the same cam in his Z06, I bet that truck is fun
i'm thinkin it will be :D
audio/video is crappy so cant really hear it well, but i do know that that cam is very healthy! congrats!
Nice and choppy!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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