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My name is Brad I have an 06 SilveradoSS. I am a member of that forum as well as I see a few fellow members on here may rcognize me and sorry they wont let me use that avatar on here :nono: . Looking forward to meeting new faces and interacting with y'all. I have done a few mods

22" wheels, custom tune, grill, bowtie, painted calipers, painted talilights, clear headlight & parking lights and HIDS all three in the mail as I type this, stereo system w/alarm, 2/2 drop, c.a.i, sun roof. I have some newer pics but want to wait and wash my truck and go and stage it somewhere for better pics if it will stop raining on the weekends :banghead: before I post them.

UNtil then nice to meet ya :shake: and :head:

Why wont my signature show? do you have to have certain number of posts first?
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