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another tire question...

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i have 35x12.50 tires on 15x8 rims. when these tires wear out, i plan on gettin a 2" body lift and some 37x12.50 irok radials. i went to and look em up, and it said that i could use my 15x8's. i was wondering if its true and if anybody has any experience runnin similar sizes. any help will be appreciated. thanks
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You should have no problem putting that tire on those wheels. It will look skinny. You might have to run a lower air pressure to get an even contact patch than you would with a wider wheel but thats no big deal.
it will work perfectly :rocking:
sweet, i really didnt want to have to buy new rims seein as how these ones are still fairly new
12.50's fit fine on 15x8's.
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