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Another turbo kit coming!

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This is from Pro Turbo Kits... Pro Turbo Kits Website

We are planning to do the GM trucks late this year or early next year. We will post on our web site when we are in the devolpment process on the GM trucks.

Thanks for your interest in PTK.


Most likley something around 2.5" crossover, 1 3/4" header primarys, 2.5" inlet tubing and a 3" downpipe. We always design for the maximum output and growth.
It will come with everything you need to make around 700hp max.

Thank you, Dalton Campbell

I totally forgot to ask about it being intercooled but by looking at their setups I'd imagine it will be. :D
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fullthrottledan said:
yeah they are intercooled. not too bad either, i talked to them a few months ago and they said around 4200 installed! not sure if they will keep the same price though. PTK is a great place to go too!

$4200 installed? Hrm, well this could be a very budget kit you subtract the installation pricing from that...
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