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any custom console out there?

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The console on the NBS under the power plug area...where the good ole tape deck guys know any one that sells solid replacements for that...looking to make that a custom gauge area, instead of the a-pillar I have. Maybe even put in a dvd there...I could probably cut it up pretty precise on my own, just curious if there is anybody out there that makes customs on demand?
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check my cardomain page for mine.
No doubt that what you have there is a shhhhhweeeetttt interior layout DemoN. :rocking: You did this yourself? Make that center yourself or have someone custom it?
F-ing nice :drool: ...seems making my own will be my only option.
Demon made a nice one... now get high, get some crazy idea's and build a console yourself from scratch :crazy:
ya hes gonna get super high to think up a idear for this 1
I need to get a Digtal cam this week but I put two Apex Processors and tqo 6 in Koves and 2 tweeters in mine for a center channel
Hey chris

How did you mount the speakers on your doors??
Does the screen still fit??
I was thinking of mounting some like that b/c i know if i got the kick panels i would f'them up.

heres mine, but i think most of you have probably seen it on a stereo thread.
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I've never seen that... That's pretty sick!!!:worship:

and for the Question on the speakers, I cut the holes out with a Dremel and used templates I made to get them where I wanted them. The magnet of the 4" Mid hits the steel door panel, but they fit just right and secure there. I had kick panels in my last car, I would rather mount the mid-bass drivers in the doors since it's better Imaging anyways.
sick for sure! is your neon providing the blue edge lighting?
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