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hey guys, im in a tough spot here. the shop where i was renting space from is going out of business so ive had to put my truck project on hold. This leaves me sharing a vehicle with my wife, with no chance to finish my truck in the forseable future. Here are the details:

2000 RCSB silverado.
started as a 4x4. truck has been converted to 6-speed, 2wd. i have cut ALL the factory front suspension mounts off of the frame, as well as the crossmember that goes under the engine. in its place i have attached mounting points for a complete C5 vette front suspension unit. as of right now, the C5 unit will bolt on. that part is finished. the parts of the front end that are not finished are the mounts for the upper control arms, and the shock mounts, as well as the mounts for the rack, and steering linkage. the rear of the truck has not yet been modified, but i do have the complete rear suspension for the vette as well. including Cobra axles to use with an '03 cobra rear differential. i was not planning to use the C5 transaxle and torque tube.

the body of the truck is in excellent condition, and is 2k primered and ready to and and paint. there is one small scrape/dent in the passenger door from some moron in a parking lot. the rest of the truck is perfectly straight.

the truck has a custom console, which can be seen in my garage gallery, an AVIC D3 navigation headunit, two amps, morel door speakers, and two JBL 8" subs in the console. the sound is very nice. the dash and headliner are black faux suede. the rest is light grey.

i also have the stock 4.8 motor, in perfect shape with 120k miles on it, which is what the rest of the truck has also. the rear end is G80, with 4.10 gears...all factory perfect.

i also have a brand new 2005 LQ4 motor that has zero miles on it. it includes ARP rod bolts, Z06 oil pump, LS2 timing chain, ARP head studs, MLS head gaskets. The cylinder heads are early TSP CNC ported 317 castings with 2.02/1.60 stainless valves, double springs and Ti retainers. pushrods are comp cams and the cam is an LG G5X1. which is 228/232 .585 on a 112. the heads have been milled to yield 11:1 compression. also installed is a meziere polished electric water pump, with billet spacers to line up with the truck accessories, and underdrive pulley. i also have a set of custom stainless works headers that are 1-7/8 with a HVMC collector welded on with V-band flange. motor has the cast "chevrolet" bowtie valve covers, and chrome K&N breather.

also included in the package would be a T56, spec stage 3+ clutch and aluminum flywheel.

im sure im forgetting things....but im just seeing if anyone is either interested in buying the package as a project, OR if there is anyone that might be able to help me complete it. Just like everyone else, im short on cash, but i am a custom painter by trade, and would love tobe able to barter some paint work, for having the fab work on the truck completed. i hate to sell it, but at this point, im kinda stuck.

i was thinking $10k for everything i have. :(

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