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Anybody ever experience a problem with Centerline Wheels?

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I ordered a set of 20's about 7-8 weeks ago, originally they told me that they would arrive 3 weeks after my order was completed needless to say that didn't happen. I've called them twice since then and I keep getting the run around, last time I called them I was told they would be here last Monday. I'm about to call them again now. The real kicker is that they charged my account 2 weeks ago so now I'm out the money and have no product, anybody else ever had issues with them?
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Call them up and tell them your reporting them to the BBB. They have their money, you don't have the product that you were told you would have weeks ago. Simple as that.
no but I hope this shit doesn't happen w/ me. I just ordered wheels last night. also a buddy of mine recieved his wheels from centerline in 3 weeks actually 2 and a half
I called them again yesterday to find that they were shipped that day, should be here on the 16th, let's hope so.
Well they arrived today, I'm hoping they are the correct wheels because I won't even be able to see them until sunday after my college graduation. Oh well, atleast they finally showed up.:endofshow
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