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Anyone ever heard of these tires?

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They look just like my toyo proxes.
Any one heard good or bad about them or ever run them?

EDIT: forgot the link :pow:
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All I found on that site was big truck tires.
dude...if you are looking for tires for 20s just get the Goodyear GT IIs they are 125 a piece on so just them...same fucking price
$132 and they look like a 4x4 tire :imo
Hornsby said:

That looks like a 4x4 tire to you?
They don't have the most attractive tread pattern.
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Agreed. I think the tire is not very nice at all, but the 4x4 thing doesn't really seem right to me either.
I was talking about the tread compared to a nice directional design.
GT 2s suck.

I'm interested in trying these out sometime :D 420 treadwear rating :head:

I personally don't like goodyear tires at all. They are trash. I've had a bad experience with them in the past and would rather not ever go back to them :imo
When, if ever, I get some new 20s, I am going to get the Hankooks since they aren't overpriced and wear good from what I hear.
blk03 said:
GT 2s suck.
they dont tread water for shit :pow:
Y2KSierra said:

I'm interested in trying these out sometime :D 420 treadwear rating :head:

Those are the ones I realy want. You can get em from discounttiredirect for $572 shipped.

And much better looking the goodyears
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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