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Anyone ever replaced an A/C compressor?

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Took my truck into the shop last night, they call back this morning and tell me that my A/C compressor is leaking, and that to replace it with a new one and refill the A/C system is going to be $965. :eek: I'm going to go pay them for the diagnostic, and we're going to consider our options. One of them is replacing it ourselves, anybody ever done it?
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I haven't personally done one, but you can easily find a remanufactured one for alot cheaper than a new one.
You prolly can change it yourself and just have someone recharge it. Someone else on here might know for sure.
Done it(not on an OBS chevy tho :( )....not that difficult. Only prob you may have is actually getting certain types of freon.
1995 they started using R134a which any consumer can buy. Assuming his truck is newer than that he should be able to get the stuff. If your truck is not R134, you may want to look into converting it. There should be a sticker under the hood. The one thing you probably won't have is a vacumn pump (not like for engine vacumn, special A/C tool) to suck all the air out. You should also have recovery tank for anything you suck out with the vacumn pump. The reciever/dryer (part of the accumulator) will also have to be replaced. I don't think you can only do reciever/ dryer, meaning new accumulator also.

I would think you could swap out parts yourself and take it somewhere and have them pump it down and charge it.
i wouldnt recommend a rebuilt a/c compressor.imo u are asking for trouble. i replace these plenty and REBUILTS DO NOT LAST for the most part. if ur in town gimmee a shout and i'll help u handle it and get ur parts new at my cost. just let me know......we can also convert it. it really aint no big deal

and stephen.....u still need to pick up that rotor
its not hard to charge air conditioning yourself.. my dad has the compressor and all the special tools for it and he showed me how to do it. I charge my friends beer to charge theirs in the summer :anitoof:
Actually they started putting the R-134a in before '95, because thats what mine has in it, and mines all original. The guy at the place said that my compressor is original, so I think it makes sense that it would start leaking after 10 years. He also said, like big D said, that the rebuilt ones do not last, so it looks like i'm going to go with new parts. I'm going to look at it tommarow and see what it takes. Apparently I need to replace the evaporator and some filters too. :think:

BigD : Thanks!! I'm in houston all this week, so I'll probably be sending you a PM sometime tommarow :) :rocking:
Mark, I tried calling you last friday and could never get ahold of you. If you pick it up I can send you cash or paypal or something so the poor guy at carquest isnt holding onto it forever if you want. If not I should be back in town in a few weekends, depending on my test schedule. My spring break was nothing like I had hoped, didnt get much done due to my wisdom teeth :flame:
Whifflebat said:
BigD : Thanks!! I'm in houston all this week, so I'll probably be sending you a PM sometime tommarow :) :rocking:
well gimmee a holler and maybe one day u can run in and pick up the stuff. i'll show u just what to doand u will need no special tools. just my gauges and pump, which i will let u borrow.
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