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Anyone interested in a truck run @ New England Dyno?

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Who would be interested in participating in a group dynamometer run at New England Dyno this spring? I’m trying to gauge the interest level to see if I can get another run in this spring and if there is enough interest I will put it together. I’d like to have a mix of Dodge guys, Chevy guys, Ford guys and us Toyota guys participate once again.

It’s a good way to gauge how your truck fairs against other the competition. Last year we had an amazing turnout with over twenty trucks there and thirty vehicles that put torque numbers ranging from 205 lb ft. of torque with a V6 Tundra to over 700 with a Turbo diesel Ford. Like last year they give you a free lunch and if you are any type of driving enthusiast you’ll have tons of fun.

Please only say that you’ll come if you are serious about coming. The event will be on a Sunday most likely some time in mid to late March! Last year the cost was $65 for three runs and $10 more for air fuel.
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damn dude, I live right by this dyno! but i am in ohio for college. I would have been there in a heartbeet. Maybe we can hookup for a meet when i come home for spring break.
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