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AR Maxims and falkens for sale

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ok im selling my wheels and tires for my spoolin needs
they are 4 months old, but needs 1 new tire(bald)
great condition
245/40ZR20 falkens
AR maxim rims 8.5" wide and 5.5" BS and 19mm offset
i need 1300 to get my turbo, make reasonable offer, need to sell fast!

have more pics upon request.
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Thats a good price, just maxims new are about 1200 just rims. and hes selling them with some good tires. i sold my old maxims for 1100 with bald tires. good luck selling :bowtie:

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03rado said:
well I was gonna buy these rims from him but he has since decided not to sell them, well at least not to me anyways
yeah wally it was just to you.....j/k i decided to keep them for now. i dont want to roll with stockers at all anymore. except for my slicks
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