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Are factory radios interchangeable

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I have a 2009 2500hd silverado. I saw on Facebook marketplace a 2008 suburban radio for sale. I don't know if it will work. If someone can help that would be great!
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I know earlier ones were vin-locked (for the GMT800's anyway)., and you had to pay someone to reset/unlock them to use with a new truck. Don't know if GM did away with that for your generation.
I did not know that thanks for the information.
Is yours not working or are you trying to upgrade?
These radios may look the same, but some have features others don't, and some of those features might not work if your vehicle wasn't originally equipped (at least with out other parts).
These can lock, and they need to be unlocked with a tech2 or by opening them up I believe. Also GM used these in everything, you can get one from a Cobalt and use it.
But if I'm being honest I'd go with an aftermarket radio, they are just better and that's coming from someone that usually prefers an OEM look.
Yeah I just wanted to upgrade and was hoping I could just plug and play without having to get a dash kit and rewire.
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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