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Maybe not the prettiest welds, but I can't complain over a $130 welder with .030 flux.

One of the previous owners was quite a large fella, and so the seat was moved back so he could fit. Instead of making new brackets though, they just drilled holes through the floor and sandwiched some 1/4" plate underneath. Which ended up leading to some pretty nasty cracks.



Like I said, not the prettiest welds, or cleanup, but after lots of fumes, grinding, and setting the carpet on fire 5 or 6 times. I was more concerned about the strength of the welds, more so than the appearance.

Then I figured I'd practice a bit more with my little buzz box, so I made a new center console. The old plastic one was cracking and with the way it was mounted I couldn't shift it completely down into 1st.


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