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Autocad Question

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Is there a free version of autocad that will work on Vista yet?
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Not to hijack, but are there any versions that will work with Vista?
haha, im pretty sure this would be the wrong forum, not sure about vista though may have to dual boot for now?
No Autodesk has not the switch to Vista for AutoCAD yet. They are supposed to be working on a patch to run with vista but its not out yet. Also there is no "free" version of autocad. Only pirated free versions.
through a&m architecture i get free autocad.
You paid for it with tuition... :p
You paid for it with tuition... :p
:word: I got a free student addition copy thru Tulsa Technology Center here is town but I paid my tuition and got it.
there is a way around vista just for autocad but programs like inventor does not work, you can go to autodesks website and it will tell you how to load the program
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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