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Deadloc™ Door Safety Systems

Autoloc’s™ Suicide Door Deadloc™ Safety System increases the safety and security of your passengers. Thick aluminum plates and unique locking cam design provide a long life of smooth operation. System comes complete with all necessary hardware. Deadloc™ systems are available with remote and ignition activation and great for all types of doors including cargo, sliding and overhead.

Bear Claw® Door Latches
Autoloc’s™ Power Bear Claw® Door Latch System is a bolt-on kit that will pop your door open with the push of a button. Only two wire to power up and all of the features of the Power Bear Claw® come in two compact units that will operate two vehicle doors. The kit includes two reliable 13lb Autoloc™ Actuators, two Bear Claw® Latches and a heavy-duty mounting bracket.

The large latch features a double rotary “claw” latch insuring maxium performance and durability. Autoloc’s™ Bear Claw® Door Latching System includes two heavy-duty latches and two trouble free striker bolts.

Billet Door Looms

Hide Those Wires! Keep It Clean™ offers Billet Door Loom Kits to hide those wires that run through your door jams. These are great compliments to our suicide door kits, power window kits, shaved door kits or custom stereo installs.

Billet Door Looms include a pair of heavy-duty stainless steel braided hoses and billet aluminum hardware that resists rust for a lifetime of beauty. Custom made to ensure easy installation.

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