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Autpage System Wont Start

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I just bought my 2006 2500 last week. It came with a keyfob but all it did was flash the lights and make the siren go off. Since my truck is a WT so no power anything I knew this had to do more. Took the panel under the dash off and found the C3-RS730 module installed. Now here is where I need help, first they had the orange plug for the 2 stage shock sensor zone 4 ran under the truck to the tailgate and there the wires were cut?? Second when I hit the remote start button the lights turn on, the cel light comes on, I hear the fuel pump kick on and relays click and nothing, no cranking or anything. Any ideas? I've checked all the wiring and it seems to have good connections everywhere
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Tried that no luck, I don't think my key has a chip does it? Theres no markings on it
So on these trucks if the passlockII wasn't programmed it should still at least crank just not start? I've had two shops tell me they thought it wasn't working at all because there was no bypass installed. I will try to see which wire is the start wire and test it for 12v after I push the remote start button
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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