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axle difference

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Is there a difference between an axle from a pre 99 and a 99 and up?
outside of gear ratios and posi non-posi. I was wondering if one out of a
97 would bolt up fine in my 00. Weird question I guess feel free to slap me.
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i think maaaaybe just the width of the axles and the fact that some are drum brakes as compared to disc brakes...i could be wrong though. wait for others to chime in
someone will correct me if i'm wrong, but isn't parish doing this? wait nevermind. found the thread. check this out. he's swapping an 88-98 14 bolt into his truck.
Pretty sure the 88-98's had a different spring perch width. I can't recall if it is narrower or wider than a 99-up axle.

Edit: Also the 00' may have disk brakes where the 97' has drums.
Ring gear dia changed too don't forget around the time the Gen IIIs came out.
Lots of little changes Jim... next time I see ya we'll chew on it a little bit... you find a good rear??
I might know of where one is sitting. I might have to run around and check but. It was a thought that crossed my mind.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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